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Which song to finish?


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Hey guys, I haven't posted in the 'Songwriting' section in quite a while.


I just wanted some insight.


I have a handful of songs which are partially completed and/or need to be recorded. I really need to start getting these songs out there, but at the same time I feel overwhelmed. I know its a good to prioritize the work. But how do you guys usually decide on which song to focus on? Or do you work on multiple songs at one time?


Also I spontaneously get ideas for new songs regularly, which I make some blurbs for it. But then I start to neglect my older songs, as if I'm getting side-tracked at times. At this rate it seems like its difficult to complete full songs. So how do you guys maintain your focus?

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Just pick one and finish it.


Yep - it will give you a good sense of accomplishment and encourage you to repeat the process.

And try not to get the "this is still not right" rut. Do your best and call it done - don't chase your tail.

Be sure to post (in stages if you like) so we can hear how it's coming.

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