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Getting grubby in the garden today.....


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.....well, I have to help out sometimes. I'd be happy to watch nature wreaking its casual havoc, but my wife is a bit of control freak when it comes to greenery.....


("casual havoc" is a nice phrase..... oxymoronic).




I'm still a noob here, and have been chippin' in......


The thing about me is......I will never have a hit song. Even if hoards of A and R people were heaving against my gate, raving on about sixteen words and eight notes I'd penned, and promising me the world................


I'm 54, and I have the world....the one I have carved out by and for myself, over many years of trial and error.


Some years back, I did a little booklet for students of English in Poland....just some crosswords and a few corny jokes. I couldn't believe the conservatism of the publishing business...."We're making a living selling what we've been selling for years.....why should we bother selling your stuff?"


I'd had a few experiences in the world of music, mainly live performance, and I could never get into that 'ego' element. Maybe I was unlucky.


So.......I come here offering what I can.....anything of mine that I post is up for grabs to the first person that works out a copyright on it......first come, first served.


I don't do the lotteries....I don't want the money.


I am going to die poor, in solidarity with most of the people on the planet. In the meantime......


I really do like messing about with words. Later, perhaps, I will be able to figure out some musical backing for them. I'm getting there......not ready yet, though.


Nice forum....keep it cool!

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