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Vladtra's base for song writing getting older and true values of art on the brink

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please enjoy my music too (sunburn sonata)


I am now an honorary buddhi. And wish to talk with some old friends on hc.

Pretty sure these will inspire all of you it's a return to true values of art

Please don't erase me blue2blue you need to work with me on this


sensual mediation a summery


Sensual Meditation



First off relax.



Breathe in as much as possible through this.



Preferably breathe in cold and release your breathe when it gets warm Repeat after this always.



We are going to deprogram you and have you reprogram yourself.



Now forget about everything use thoughts to block thoughts.



What I am about to tell you is beyond infinite.



Are you breathing?



Feel yourself breathing.



Now remember every cell in your body has a conciousness of it's own.



I will teach you the symbol of infinite.



2 Interlocking triangles, with a spiral in the middle, or a star of david.



The triangle pointing downward represents represents the infinite going inward.



The triangle pointing upward represents the infinite going outward.



Infinite amount of space.



And the spiral in the middle represents everythings was always here or it's the infinite in time



Keep breathing breathe for me now.



Every cell in your body has a mind of it's own.



Now meditate on the symbol of infinite or the space and compare it to your living body.



Oxygenate your cells by breathing.



Taste the saliva in your mouth it tastes good cause of the breathing.



All your cells in your body should now be awake to the infinite.



Remember these exsercises, and remember, you may feel awake, but don't be scared, I am going to give you a piece of knowledge that will keep you awake and happy.



Here it is...



The extraterrestrials have a computer set up on they're planet that is recording the thoughts of all humans on earth, remember we are smarter than the extraterrestrials, also, remember that if you think like a criminal you will be delt with like a criminal.



Now, breathe and feel your body awaken.



That is why we must live every second like it's your last.



When you use your taste sense. pretend to be blind and taste the food. This is natural. Focusing senses



Remember all this in a nutshell







yes to human cloning a summery


Yes to human cloning. A summery





All your have to do with this summery is answer yes to science and you support it don't be scared.



The world is full of so many problems from work, food shortage, jobs. Stemming into everything else.



But yet we got politicians who are scared idiots who don't want science to move forward at all. Who are compareable to a catholic priest or the pope. They say the pope is never wrong, but that is a crime against humanity. We have the capabilty of making robots that are totally organic and every other hybrid from nano machines to robots that can have children. Of course we will not be doing some of these things like putting our minds into computers. This book also presents the fact that we are constantly being watched by the elohim and our genetic codes are all being stored by them also. So yeah it's cool if that's what causes panic attacks. Atleast we know how to stop them.



This is some amazing stuff that can be done with science. They said you can put a house in your pocket that rebuilds itself from nanomachines. Our current houses are caveman houses compared to the future houses. I would never want to live in a computer but I like my biological life. Computers are self reprogramable too so they are nice. It's up to you what you want to do with science just don't support the horror that the lack of science causes. Rael already cloned a baby it was awesome and the cia from wikileaks said the baby was half eloha. I'm not sure that is just an extra fact don't ask me how Rael acquired Elohim DNA even though he is half Eloha. Well anyways please have an open mind for science. We need it to eliminate suffering.



geniocracy the summery






The purpose of this book is to clarify that money is the root of all evil and jelousy and it's changeable, our current military government that is based around money.



I am a musician so I understand this opression and can clarify it.



Being fly but yet people still worship money.



Especially with the women and girls in this world. I know how it goes.



Well anyways since our government is ruled by idiots because the vote is drowned out by the 75% of dumb people in this world who have not woken up there minds by any means. The 1% which is outstandingly gifted are seen as mad geniuses trying to blow up the world and sometimes the smart go a little nuts at a young age because of they're open mindedness and are there for incarcerated in a mental instutation. That's what happened to me therefore 9/11 shiva.



The taliban wanted a quick fix but there is no quick fix so I am offering a slow patient fix.



We must and I mean we must allow only smart people to vote and get rid of the united nations and it's different flags from around the world. We must have an earth flag and an earth anthem and have a universal language. which would be beuatiful by all means. So we can put an end to this opression. The military will be recycled into workers who will use they're foolish pride to run farms being operated by machinery maybe even robots probably even artificially created humans I mean come on man you can't deny science or open mindedness it's a crime against humanity.



We will silence the military by saying they still have some use. And the money produced from farms will be distributed to the people who used to work there. SInce the world will be one nation, therefore there will be no more use for money. Therefore eliminating criminality.



If I am a part of this it will be through yahoo or the internet and I will council others because I am a personal honory raelian guide. I accept the infinite it is my life.



I suggest listening to tupac me against the world. It explains the struggle I described at the begining of this summery.









May 22, 2010

Sam's ultimate summery of Raelism

Current mood:animated


The Keys


First things first you have to let go of your belief in a god that doesn't exist.

And start knowing, that the universe in infinite inifinites withing themselves.

It never ends going outward and inward, This is your new prayer and mediation.

It looks like the start of David, the symbol of infinite meditation.

People should always judge things first from an infinite perspective or overall perspective.

And harmony in your life is now important, like swinging your arms.

Give love to those around you and let it radiate. Because when you meditate

properly on the infinites, you have unlimited endurence.

Teach your kids according to the infinite.

And when you concieve a child right at the moment of conception when the spermatoid

fertalizes the egg that is when the identity of the child is truely made.

This is very important in the cellular plan.

Don't force your child into anything it don't want to be in.

Surround yourself and child into all the senses all five of them and the arts.

Have a fullfilled love life or sex life with a spiritual partner, male or female.

Love is when you give to someone without ever asking anything in return.

Our government needs a little help all across the world.

The united nations is a good start.

Eventually after meditating long enough on the infinites you will learn telepathy

and through this you can talk directly to the alien creators or the Elohim.

Human kind will never be totally human until we change our world government.

Science is the most important thing and we need to start having machines take over

laborous work. Don't be proud of useless unimportant labor.

The human brain opens up like I said.

And we should open up direct perception or telepathy in our children from a very young age.

The church is the bloody battlefield of our political apocalypse for those who read

these words and totally feel and understand them, because the church

is a monstrous bloody killing industry.

Make sure you talk to the Elohim about things telepathically after opening up your brain.

They may give you a mission because they are like big brother in 1983 they watch everything.

Taking in these word, Earth

We may make it into the golden age out of darkness and despair.

Or maybe just a few of you will make it to heaven of the planet of the eternals.

IT all depends on if mankind makes it or not.

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I think my favorite quote is...

Make sure you talk to the Elohim about things telepathically after opening up your brain.

That's great advice. I absolutely will do.

From Eloah. Can be considered either singular or plural, apparently. Confer, Loa, the elemental gods, spirits of nature, etc, familiar [pun unintended but acknowledged] from Voudoum. Given a vacuum, the human mind just keeps grinding away... ;)

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Now, see, if Sunburn Sonata was sandwiched between the tracks of a Sonic Youth or Modest Mouse record, a lot of you guys would think it was genius.


They didn't understand Jandek at first, either. ;)







For the record, Vladtra, this seems to me to be pretty deep into it's-art-if-I-say-it-is territory, and, by those standards, it's probably pretty far beyond the province of criticism, either aesthetic or constructive. So, I'll just say that I thought that what I took to be the "shutter sounds" of a tape pause control engaging and disengaging (or vice-versa), dividing the piece into a series of tantalizingly disjointed vignettes, was effective, although maybe a bit of a formalist cliche in the found sound world.


Rock on.

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