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some original tunes of mine...


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I don't think I've seen you around the forum before, Diceman. Welcome to the SW forum !





This songwriting forum here at HC is a little different than many you'll find across the web. (I'm the forum moderator here, so it falls to me to welcome newcomers and get them in the swing of things.)


The forum's primary roles are discussion of general songwriting issues and workshopping works in progress.


And we set up a special 'institution' -- monthly showcase threads where more or less anything goes -- to give folks a place to promo themselves, post their favorite completed songs, old songs, videos, pretty much whatever doesn't fit in what might seem like narrow forum rules (which you can find in the post in the Guidelines/Resources sticky thread).


So, welcome to the SW forum, stick around and discsuss songwriting issues and give feedback on others works in progress, bring in your own works in progress, and feel free to post more or less anything in the current month's Showcase Thread! (But do take a look at the guidelines sticky, too, which will fill you in on how things work around here. ;) )

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