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A Trail of Friends, Version 3 take #962


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This is back to ballad version, whatyathink?


1/15/2012 - replaced with new version


A Trail of Friends


(there is also a previous country-ish version I did not like, for the sake of completeness but here it is.)


V1 (a)

Everything starts

And all things end

The flow of life

A trail of friends


It all comes back to this

Love ended with a kiss

a kiss



You were the one

I was the fool

another man

had stolen you what could I do?

You broke my heart in two




Sometimes the journey is forgotten

Sometimes it all becomes so clear

I close my eyes and think about them

A trail of friends once held so near

to me



V2: So I left you

and found a life

a better place

and a sweet wife

And now you come to me


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I have just replaced version #962 with version #963, which has a very much better integrated chorus.


I have been unable to find the Beatles song that this may smack of, with the exception of PS I love you where right near the PS there is a chord change that sounds like it goes major minor even though the written chords for the song don't. I don't have all of their songs so maybe its one I don't have. I did enjoy going back and listening to some of their very early songs.


This version was unchanged melody / chord wise from the previous versions, the major change I made was to shut off the metronome and just play the verses from the heart with keyboard and vocals being recorded at the same time. (with the exception of the chorus which is timed.) I can't play keyboard so it was a struggle at first but I like the emotion the song conveys now.


Thanks for listening.



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It's good to see that you have the flexibility to progress a song through different versions.

Without listening back to different versions, it's difficult to develop a song.

When the Beatles were in their heyday, and their albums were all that we knew of their work, we never stopped to consider that they tried different ways of doing the song, as we now know since the release of their Anthology and other works in progress.


This piece of yours doesn't sound like a specific Beatles song.

The comments comparing your work with theirs is more about the fact that you tend to use a lot of their musical and vocal melodic vocabulary.

So naturally your works sounds Beatlesque, but it doesn't sound plagiarised. It's simply your adopted style.


So these review and re-record processes that you are adopting are good. It's what the pros do.

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I haven't listened yet Rick, but your lyric is really good. I have to admit... I tried reading at an earlier time but the idea of Trail of Friends and Trail of Dead... the similarities, I assumed they were lost on you after reading V1, so I stopped reading, thinking I wouldn't have much to offer. But this morning I read through to the end and... it's great. You are using it as an extension of Trail of Dead. Very, very cool.


My apologies for stopping short...

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@OldGit - Thanks for the thoughts! I think I will turn on Anthology II now just for kicks... oh yes I wanted to tell you that I finally got the chorus to work in this song after I listened to the John Mayall video you posted. I turned off the drums in the chorus and whala! It worked! Thanks for posting that!


@Lee - I have to admit, I know nothing about Trail of Dead. I just Googled it and see that it is the name of a band? I listened to a couple of their songs that's some intense stuff. Thanks for sharing that with me.



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