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[NOT an endorsement] Google Play for Artists -- sign up for free before tomorrow


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This is NOT an endorsement. (I had a serious argument with myself about whether or not posting this was appropriate.)


Anyhow, normally, the new Google Play musical artist accounts cost $25 but Fanbridge has some sort of copromotion that appears to allow folks to sign up for Google Play artist pages for free. (As far as I can tell you don't have to have a paid Fanbridge account, which I don't have; I just signed up for my one man band and it's 'pending' [and went back and signed up under my own name as well] -- it apparently takes a day or two for them to vet your account. Maybe I'll find out the hard way.)


Anyhow, here is the sign up page...




(Let me know if that doesn't work. It's from an email and worked for me. I think. ;) )



Anyhow, like I said, this is NOT an endorsement. I have no idea what Google Play will be like (if it's as 'hot' as Google Plus you can probably go on about your biz as usual :D ) but if one is inclined to find out, this might be a way to do it.




The offer apparently expires today.




My review of the sign up process: it's a bit complicated and possible to end up skipping some steps. Their ONLY payment option at this time is direct pay into a business bank account. (I simply left this part unfinished.) Like so many Google services, it seems like whoever designed this just didn't think it all through.

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