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Does djabthrash from netmusicians post here?

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Hi guys !

Djabthrash here :)

I just found this thread today by accident, 10 years after you created it :)

It's been a long time since i posted stuff on netmusicians.org, and i stumbled upon this thread randomly by looking for some of my old clips from back then, and your messages warm my heart haha.

I remember every single one of you from netmusicians.org, and it was really cool to read your kind words, especially coming from guys who are way better musicians than me, and were posting amazing sounding clips (fastredponycar, futurism, gibson5413, etc ...)  :)

The funny thing is since back then i kinda stopped putting out clips for years (and also being obsessed with guitar tones, since i then became obsessed with drums and singing :) ), and now i'm getting back at it slowly but surely :)

If you wanna be in the loop of stuff i've been posting recently or will post in the future (including covers, solo stuff (one early deathcore-style a la Dying Fetus, and the other one more melodic catchy in your face hardcore metal), etc), subscribe to my Youtube channel and soundcloud :



NB : my youtube channel has more live videos from other bands (that i mixed and/or filmed) these days, but i will post future solo stuff on here too

I hope you guys are doing well in 2020 and still playing guitar heavily even in these difficult times.

Take care everyone

NB : also, just found this by accident too, kind of funny :




Pickup Position: Bridge Pickup Type: Humbucker
Requires Expansion Pack: Yes
Artist: djabthrash
Author: TLTD
Comments: "THRASHDAY" presets inspired by the cool stuff you can find at Tonefinders (formerly Netmusicians). This one is based on djabthrash's latest ENGL SE 6L6 tone through the Torpedo power amp/cab emulator (ENGL v30 cab w/blue dragonfly mic pretty cool choice).
Filesize: 1 kB
Filetype: data
Downloaded: 912
Added: 13.3.2012


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It seems netmusicians.org / tonefinder is no longer :(

Gibson5413 seems to have most of his clips on his soundclick page :


His Engl SE clips from back then made me buy this amp :)

(and later on, FastRedPonyCar convinced me to buy a Splawn Nitro)

If i find the files from my netmusicians clips from back then, i might upload them on another site (soundclick) someday as well !

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