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Sale on directional super cable, $400/ft

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In the deep recesses of the southern mountains of Naples, old-world craftsman toil over eucalyptus roots to hand-press virgin cottonseed polymers from the earth. At night they get drunk, fight each other with broken Chianti bottles, and generally fall about. But that's another story. Simply use the included sable brush to apply this magnificent tone polish to your electron tubes and unsightly warts. Both will improve dramatically!"

ROFL!!! :lol:

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With vintage Skreddy pedals going for over $4,000 today, now is the time to invest in the great mojo. As every tone connoisseur knows, Skreddy's magic comes from his fingers. Ever in search of that tone, we have acquired hundreds of Skreddy pedals and painstakingly swabbed the insides for bits of hair, skin, sweat or anything else that would contain Skreddy's DNA. Now you can add this incredible collector's item to your mantelpiece. Each collection of human detritus is lovingly collected and attached to a piece of museum-grade acid free paper and shipped in a box made of hand polished Bubinga extra-virgin hardwood.

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