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Mesa V-Twin = Recto???


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the youtube videos and audio demos of this sound like total ass


Never heard a good recto like clip from a wampler.


The clips may not do it justice but then again what will it do?


I really much like the tech21 us steel pedal demo on you tube but it is soooo expensive.


The R1 rfier from AMT electronics is also interesting.


By the way, a cheaper of all alternative is the pod 2.0...

For "recto" bedroom type tones the treadplate model is really pleasing.

A purist won't acknowledge it is dead on accurate etc but it is a good sound. So much that line6 actually cloned it into the XT series by demand of its followers. There were some clips by philbert (can't find them anymore) that were really good.

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Can the Mesa V-Twin pedal do decent Recto tones? I've been missing my Recto recently but don't have the cash for one and a V-Twin popped up on a local classified.

Also how much should I spend on a V-Twin?


No the V-Twin won't do any good high gain sounds.


It's actually pretty crappy sounding altogether.


I've owned both versions plus the rack which really is not much better.


The V-Twin looks awesome and has 2 12ax7's which is all that it takes to deliver the goods gain/tone wise BUT..


It's actually a hybrid ss/tube -plus the tubes aren't cascaded like a real preamp -it's just one or another.


It's mushy sounding thers no punchy crunch at all.


The best tone it will do is rock using the blues channel with a pedal boosting it even that is just mediocre.






it uses one tube also in a hybrid circuit but they did it right!!


Its crunchy and articulate sounding very marshall.


clean channel w/crunch mode plus a lead channel.


seriously the V-twin is a "poseur" it looks like it's built to win but in reality it's sonic fail.


seriously it's waste of money

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not a recto by any means but it sounds pretty good.



c'mon FRPC do you really think it sounds good? :confused:


I know you got good ears and know how to tweak,but I would never say it sounded "pretty good"


Most cheap modelling stuff kicks it's ass all over the block


Please elobarate- I really have a hard time believing you thought it was a good tone,cause I know you know what a good tone is.

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I have owned a V-Twin for almost 10 years now and I concur with many of the above posts. If you are looking for a Rectifier modern or vintage setting, forget this pedal. It sounds pretty close to the Raw mode on my single rectifier though. Clean is pretty close also. But for that really high gain vintage / modern setting it doesnt cut it.

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