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the brass weight that you attach to your headstock for more sustain...

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My buddy that builds guitars put a brass block in the body of the last one that he built. That thing sustains FOREVER! I know there is a big difference between adding it to the body and the neck but I think it could possibly help a little. I would say that the difference probably isnt really noticeable though.

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Its actually a plenty sound concept, adding mass to your headstock does effect resonance. Necks that are extremely resonant can often have dead spots because the neck can sometimes resonate very strongly at a particular frequency which in turn eats up a lot of the given string's energy. A couple of my PRS do this around A4. Adding weight to the headstock can help relieve this.

This is true. I have one and it does affect the tone of any given guitar, makes it a little deeper, which is nice for a lite weight guitar like my Jackson Rhoads V's. It's not going to make a Rhoads V sound like a Les Paul, but it will add a little bottom end to a guitar that otherwise sounds a little thin.

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That has got to be the most guitar gadgets i've seen in one picture.

1) Partial Capo

2) Slide

3) Ebow

4) Fat Finger

5) B-Bender

6) Beard


Ha ha! Even I forgot about the b-bender. I did try to cram as many gadgets as possible and still be able to play the guitar...

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