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Done my duty: Fake Gibson Ebay content.

Seano Porno

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Woooo! Ace! When's my flight?


Tell-tail signs with thie one (and common to pretty much all the fakes I've seen) are:


Rosewood board (Customs have Ebony or Maple sometimes....excluding the recent Custom Classics and recent gibson wood {censored}storm)


Fret end binding, or whatever it's known as. A real gibsons frets will not extend over the binding like they do with this one. OK you may find old, refretted ones which do...but paired with the wrong wood for the 'board... nah bruv.


Plastic looking inlays: Customs have real M.O.P which looks more...i dunno...marble-y than the imitation pearloid.


Diamond inlay on headstock too small.


Headstock shape doesn't look quite right.


Serial number is done like the regular USA Gibsons, Customs have been made in the Custom Shop for a long while now. This is a supposed 2005 so that's a give away


Import bridge. See how the posts on the tune-o-matic are quite wide and have screw slots? A real Gibson would have narrow posts which are solid.


There are probably more signs we can't see, but these are what the pics show.

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