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UK /Euro 2nd Quarter SPAM Thread 2012


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Damn... I wish I had some disposable cash!!! I was thinking of getting a head but the Jetcity is soooo tempting, and I love the colour on the lemon drop


Well I would be happy to do a deal on the amp if you have any of the following


Tube screamer ts808 ts9

Or any cool drives

A loop pedal of some sort, boss rc3 etc


Of course I would deliver again when I'm next going past your town :-)


The lemon drop does look very cool. It really changed the sound of the guitar though. It less open and acoustic sounding now but it sounds {censored}ing huge through a Mesa rec or the jca. The I didn't know that the pups in these are quite sort after as I was going to change them but thought they sounded Amazing so did some research. I'm going to put a bone nut in it and get a setup again before it's sold.

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After a week long reprieve, I've decided I was actually right to sell this.


Basically, I've owned this for three months and I've come to the conclusion that I'm just not a shredder guitar type of guy anymore. It's an amazing guitar, both sounding and playing but I just dunno if I can justify it when it's so expensive and doesn't match anything I do in my professional playing life. It's just slightly too rock and shreddy for any gigs I do.


So... I've realised I want and need something more traditional. With that in mind, what do you have to trade me if not looking to buy outright? The perfect solution would be a HSS Suhr or Anderson Classic but I'm also very interested in Custom Shop Strats (even more so if they have humbuckers in the bridge), HSS Strats in general and perhaps even Les Pauls. Surprise me.


Price wise, I'm looking for

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I've got a few things for sale.




Jason Becker Hot Licks DVD. It's not so much an instructional but a recording of a performance he did and has some insight into his playing.

Michael Angelo Batio Speed Kills DVD. This is pretty good for developing your technique even if it is a bit cheesy. I found this one to be one of the best along with John Petrucci's Rock Discipline.



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Vintage Icon series strat. In perfect condition and setup very well. Plays better than most starts I've played. Could do with new pups though as they are on the {censored} side of good. Plus the pots are probably {censored} too. I use it as my bedroom/living room mess around guitar so hardly gets used in an amp.
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I need to sell a guitar because I've got my wedding coming up end of the year and work is terrible at the moment. So this will be sold to pay for a wedding ring.


It's a 1999 CE22

Mahogany body

Maple neck

rosewood fretboard

5 way rotary switch

PRS Dragon II's.


It's stock except for the tuner buttons which are replacements because the originals broke.


It has some chips on the side of the guitar and some general playing wearing but the frets and in top condition and it's an awesome guitar. I really wish I didn't have to sell it but I don't see any other way of getting the money in time.






It doesn't come with a hardcase but does come with a thick PRS gig bag.


I won't ship outside the UK and would preferably like to either deliver myself or some one collect it. I'll drive within 50 miles of Hatfield, Hertfordshire. Any further and you'd have to collect it.


I'm after

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