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UK /Euro 3rd Quarter SPAM Thread 2012


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Just asking if anyone would be interested in almost new Tube Amp Doctor Silencer 8 0hms.


Please send offers via PM or email


Here is some info:




TAD Silencer Power Attenuator 8 Ohm:


+ Natural Tone Technology, clear high end responce

+ 8 Ohm version

+ 2db attenuating steps from -2db to -16db

+ "Fine"-Control from -16db

+ 2-step BITE and PUNCH Boost-Switch

+ "LOAD" position for use without speaker

+ 150 Watt RMS , with PEAK Control

+ Adjustable LINE-Out

+ F.A.N.T.A.-Out Speaker-Emulation, low Z, symmetric

+ Classic Amp-Cabinet Design with Tolex

or Tweed



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Some pre-ebay things...


Hiscox Strat Case - good nick

Jackson King V / Rhoads hardcase. Old style one, never used.

Set of Graphtec saddles to fit a MIM Strat (with original packing. Used but in good condition)

Dimarzio Super Distortion in white

Dimarzio PAF Pro in white

Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro rackmount (with box/manual). Very good condition, not much use.


PM. No trades, please - already have everything I need! :)

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A friend of mine is selling his very limited edition strat via ebay (link below). This is a great guitar that I've spent time playing myself, it just doesn't suit his needs.




It's US made, s/s/s, black with a chrome guard and knobs with a black and chrome headstock. It has a bound body, locking tuners and only 120 were produced, he may be open to trades (something like 2 guitars or guitar plus cash), pm me with offers of trades or bid on ebay to buy outright.


Trade wise, he'd be fairly open but it has to be half decent, he wants a good bridge humbucker and preferably a trem

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Hi all,

Up for sale is my 2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded in tobacco sunburst. Genuinely don't want to sell it but I badly need some new studio equipment so need to cut down the collection to fund it!

This guitar sounds amazing, a really full rich sound that I haven't heard on too many LPs. It plays beautifully too, and there's no fret wear etc to speak of. I've never made any modifications of any sort to the guitar. It's in excellent condition overall, I'd say 9/10. As you can see from the pictures, there's a couple of very small dings on the lower back edge of the guitar, these aren't through the finish and are quite difficult to see. There's also a very small amount of buckle rash which I've done my best to photograph. Apart from that it's in as new condition, as you can see from the pics, with no damage to the headstock, neck, or neck join.

The guitar doesn't come with a pickguard as it never came with one in the first place! But it does come with it's original Gibson hard case. Anyways, take a look at the pics, and if you have any questions or want more info then feel free to ask!

I'm looking for about

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GIBSON CS-356 WITH BIGSBY - Very hard to find in the UK. In superb condition. Sounds great, looks incredible, but I don't use it live and I don't record much with it, so it has to go...would trade for a Gibson Firebird 7, a good Jazzmaster, or a PRS Custom 24 (Wide thin). Otherwise I am looking for
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This is basically the creme de la creme of delay pedals.

Only about a month old. It's just too feature packed for my liking.

It sounds fantastic but it's a bit more delay pedal than I actually need.


It's basically brand new. Flawless condition. Pristine.


It's the white standard Superdelay.

Not the VM.


Comes with everything it did when it left the factory.


Lovely pedal, but just overkill for my needs.


Did I mention it's brand new?


I'd like to get

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FS: EM Customs REVOLUTION Looper.


This is a similar kinda thing to the Voodoo Labs GCX, Soundsculpture Switchblade, RJM, CAE stuff.... Basically a midi controlled rack looper with 10 loops and 6 relay switches for amp channel changes etc. You can configure it to split your loops up so you can do the 4 cable method, with some stuff going through your FX loop, you can access loops on the fly with CC messages, you can configure the relays to be momentary or latching, and access those by CC too...so could make one a tap tempo???




But yeah, a powerful machine. I'd say it's in 8.5/10 condition, it has got a couple of dinks and scratches, but that's what happens innit unfortunately.


Will get some actual pics, but for now, I've thrown together a collage of the stock pics:





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I have the following available for immediate shipment

3 - 12 Position Vintage Spec Rippah Booster Wahs

1 - 12 Position Vintage Spec Q-Wahs

2 - Dual Lotus Drive 2's

1 - Deluxe Haze

1 - BC109

1 - Lotus Drive

These are brand new and the result of non payment on a dealer order. They come with full warranty ect.. Free shipping in the U.S. If you are international message me for a quote. I'm willing to let these go at 20% off of retail so get in now and get in fast before they are gone. First come first serve. Message me or email me at wilsoneffects@wilsoneffects.com. Ive posted these elsewhere as well so get while they are available!:eek:


I may also do trades. I need a looper, 2X12 speaker cab, and speakers of the 12" variety.

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Picked this up fairly recently but I'm just not bonding with it.


It is a USA production guitar, It has a black Alder body with a contoured back.


It has a one piece neck with a compound radius 12" - 16", it has black Grover mini tuners and a Floyd Rose tremolo with tremolo bar.


It has a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge and a 59 in the neck, all original.


It has its original charvel gig bag and all the original charvel paperwork. There is the tool pack and dunlop strap locks.


It's made in California.






Looking for

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