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Comprehensive Marketing Strategy


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Hey Folks,

I've been a drummer/singer/arranger/MIDI-geek/etc for 25-45 yrs depending on which hat I'm wearing at the time.  Now, I'm wearing a producer/promoter hat that I'm trying to get the best fit for, ifyaknowwhutImean, Vern?

I've just been thoroughly checking out BandZoogle, along with generic turnkey, and some other musician websites to see who REALLY puts their best foot fwd, and isn't just another me-too web-designer.  I'm also trying to design a comprehensive marketing strategy that doesn't duplicate a lot of my efforts, and helps me focus on the really important aspects of promoting the talent that I manage.

As it stands right now, BandZoogle is far and away the best strategy over say ReverbNation, or some others.  I understand they may all have their little niche they specialize in.  However, I've been WAAY impressed by BZ's prompt, and available chat service.  Allison is the BOMB!  I was also impressed by the stellar review from SongTrust, considering their position, and what they do in the biz.  It seems BZ truly wants to handle my biz, and my artists' biz as a serious business, not just a 1-night party attitude "WHOO! We got Band! Dig Us!".

So, I'm soliciting any experienced opinions, jaded or not, that have done biz with BZ, or other services that have rocked their world in a positive, or negative way.

Oh! BTW, does anyone have any good resources for specifically promoting songwriters to A&R folks; meaning, songwriters that don't want to go out on tour, but moreso, write for other performing artists?





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