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The all newest PWNED/FAIL/FUNNY pictures thread

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Quote Originally Posted by PDbyS

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And who is the {censored}tard running the camera that was just gonna let the goat run out of energy and drown? Shoulda watched the pig before it jumped in to save the goat, it was probably looking up at the person running the camera like, "well, {censored}er? Nothing from the one with arms and opposable thumbs?! FINE, ASSHOLE! STEP ASIDE!"


Quote Originally Posted by vanzant38

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My, but those dudes seem awfully happy to be of service toting around prince douchebag.
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Quote Originally Posted by 67mike

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Surprisingly, there are worse guitarists in the world then me.....wow.


Videos like that make me feel better about my meager abilities. Or at least that I have the good sense not to play in public/on video. icon_lol.gif
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