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Annette Cantor

album review: Songs to the Goddess


Currently in release is the album SONGS TO THE GODDESS by wordless vocalizer Annette Cantor with her friend Deuter playing all the instruments. Cantor and Deuter are both Germans who met while living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Deuter, long known as a top new age instrumentalist, wanted to explore the addition of vocals, so Cantor sang with him (and played violin) in concert and on three of his recordings. He returned the favor by performing the music on three Cantor recordings including this new one.


On SONGS TO THE GODDESS, Cantor and Deuter co-wrote the songs. Cantor does all the singing, often layering her vocals to create several distinctive parts. Deuter plays all of the instruments including wood flute, acoustic guitar, koto, udu, tongue drum, bells, gongs, shakers, additional percussion and synthesizer.


Cantor has a lovely voice filled with lots of emotion and feeling. Deuter’s playing is subdued and in the background, but very tasteful and elegant in its own right as you would expect from this longtime master of the genre.


Each of the eight tunes is dedicated to a different goddess taken from cultures/religions from all over the world (most going back to ancient times). It is an interesting concept, but does not really go beyond the album title and song titles. Regardless, the music is strong and worthwhile no matter what the sub-text, and well worth hearing.

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