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Thinking Outside the Live Gig Box


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OK, I'll concede that in this community this idea sounds quite cheezy, but I have to work within the parameters I'm given, so I'm looking for any creative ideas that might give this presentation a bit of dash, and flash...or as much as I can hope for.

So, I've got a handful of really good female singers that are all very much overweight.  Like Mama Cass Elliot overweight.  I sing pretty well myself.  We've been working on a lot of karaoke tracks from the Baby Boomer era (50's thru early 70's), and thinking about hooking up with another overweight female KJ to give a presentation that's half DJ, and half show of singers dolled up as much as possible singing these tunes.  I may create some fresh original arrangements of the old cover tunes as backing tracks.  If we bring any live musicians it won't be anymore than 2.


I'll admit, it sounds like a pipedream to actually make $$$ at it, and please tell me so if you think the same, but if you have any creative ideas I'm all ears.








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