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Marshall MG10CD mods?


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I was thinking he wants someone to tell him what exactly what to mod. Since his specifics are super vague, I cant think of a thing. I have a 15w version of that amp and it sounds fine as is. Not a whole lot to mod there like you can with a tube amp.


It may be that he has pickups that dont have a strong output and he wants more gain. Without details its impossible to know. I wouldnt give advice on something I havent tried myself to be sure it works properly. He may be able to revoice the tone settings by changing caps. Getting more gain requires additional amplification. You may be able to goose the existing gain staging but thats dangerous unless you have intimate knowlege of what the components tolerances can take.


If you want the amp louder, getting a high SPL speaker will do more than any circuit mods can accomplish.


My best advice would be, if you want a different drive sound, get a pedal that suits your need. You could use the pedal externally, or you can transfer it into the chassis if theres room and add the knobs to the chassis and put in a footswitch to operats it.

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