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Cordoba OR Cuenca OR what?


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Hi. I'm new to this forum and I hope someone out there can help me solve this riddle.


I've always fancied the Cordoba FCWE Gipsy Kings thin-bodied flamenco guitar, and recently bought what was advertised as one on eBay.


Problem is that although this guitar is IDENTICAL to the Cordoba (headstock, rosette, binding, woods, electrics), it has a CUENCA label inside, which shows the model as FCWE, and the serial no. as 42031334. Nowhere on the net can I find any reference to this guitar. Are Cordoba and Cuenca different parts of the same company, maybe?


I'd be really glad of any suggestions to help me sort out what I've got here !!!!!!!!!!



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Greetings!  I have played and collected many different classical guitars over the last 15 years.  It is my opinion that there was a time period when Cuenca made guitars for Cordoba..

Identical models include, but not limited to..




70R (Solid Rosewood)

Cordoba eventually renamed their 70R and called it "Pro R" instead..  Then soon after, they decided to make they're own line of guitars, and replaced the "Pro R" with the "Solista".

Also as a side note, they also decided to give their 75F a new name..  "Pro F"..  This guitar was only made for a few years, similar to the "Pro R".

Cuenca still makes similar models to this day, but I have not played any of their newer ones and cannot give an opinion about those.

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