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lady luck brand acoustic


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Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars -


LADY LUCK Instruments currently produced in Korea since 1986. Distributed in the U.S., Europe, and South America by Lady Luck Industries, Inc. of Cary, IL.

President Terresa Miller has been offering a wide range of imported, affordable guitars that are designed for beginning students up to working professionals. Lady Luck guitar models are designed in the U.S. (specifications and colors). Lady Luck also offers several models of electric bass guitars along with the line of acoustic and electric guitars.

In addition to the Lady Luck and Nouveau brands, Lady Luck Industries also distributes Adder Plus pickups and EV Star Cables.




Got this off the net - korean , probably not as bad of a guitar as i thought , depends on the condition, case etc-- congrats go your way




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It’s 2020 now and I’m sure nobody now is still even searching for any info about the Lady Luck guitars but I actually own one. You can’t find any photos of one on the web. If anyone wants to see mine. Message me. 

ive had this guitar since I was 15. My mother got it as a gift when she’s was 15 so did the same when I came to age. It’s a beautiful dark flower print telecaster. Really cool. I know only one person with the exact same guitar, exact same print. They are actually extremely rare but unfortunately not worth much.

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