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Help with wiring on a push/pull pot?

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So I got a Rothstein push/pull mid-scoop knob for my tele build, and I am clueless as to how I should be wiring this.

The biggest issue is that, ideally, I wanted to have the down position function not like a standard tone knob (which I find useless for my applications), but rather like the so-called "greasebucket" circuit... but I'm unsure of how to wire this into the pot. Apparently, it currently does function like a traditional tone circuit, though? I'm guessing that's what the simple cap is for on the right.

Could anyone give me some pointers here? I'm a bit of an amateur in wiring obviously, but I'm keen to learn.


What I'm working with looks like this:



Here's a (rough) sketch of the push/pull pot's wiring next to the greasebucket diagram I'm trying to work wirh:



Can anyone help me integrate the greasebucket into the "down" position?

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