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Kona Guitars, Anyone have one ?


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I have one.........


Its a Gold series....cutaway



I dont like it much but I wanted a guitar asap. I hadnt played for about 10 years..and only had a real old beater that was terrible and wanted to start playing again.......I should have waited....a bit ..........but I live in the boonies.......and it was available.


I play in an open tuning......and use a slide a bit.


Anyway this Gold has poor to terrible intonation. I havent had it set up.

The action otherwise is fine.

The bass tone is why I bought it...but......the high end is way to tinning for my tastes.


For the price I paid........I could have got a much better guitar...had I not been so impatient.....:cry:


I have since played a Crafter, Cort, Epiphone, Aleverez and a couple others that were a helluvalot better for much less or around the same price.



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Konas are intended to be sold by pawn shops. They're okay but not spectacular. All laminated. Depending on your price range you can probably do better. Bear in mind that a decent A/E will run $400 on up. A used Yamaha with an aftermarket pickup might be a better investment. How much are you planning to spend?

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