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has anybody played an agile acoustic?

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hi, i'm not from around here, but i wanted to ask if any of you guys have played, or heard anything about the agile HRB-200 12 string ele/acoustic?


over in my neck of the woods (EG) agiles have a pretty big following (i have 2 electric's myself), but no one knows anything about there're acoustic's it looks like this:




and here's the info from rondo's site:


A Great 12-String Acoustic Electric

This guitar has a beautiful Ash top and rounded back

The stunning Brown Burst finish lets the beauty of the wood show through

The bound body is a slim cutaway and features a traditional sound hole ordained with a rosette inlay

The result is a smooth, clear sound; and it sounds great alone or when used with an amplifier

The 4 band EQ provides tonal control via bass, mid, treble and presence sliders, in addition to a separate volume control

Tuners are made of die cast chrome which are fitted onto a Mahogany neck with Rosewood fingerboard with diamond inlays

Width of the neck at the nut: 1 7/8

Overall length 42 1/2"

Width at the widest point: 15 1/4"

body depth: 3 1/4"

Actual Weight is approx. 5.5 lbs


so any help would be nice. thank you

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I don't know... it kind of looks like it's some sort of plywood top. That and the thin depth of this guitar make me think that it probably sounds better plugged in than as a strict acoustic; i.e. it may be "quiet" with not much sustain. Throw in the additional tension that a 12-string has to bear with a rounded top and I'd wonder what type of neck joint it has and how sturdy it is too.


Based on past experience with regards to going by the whole "if they make good electrics they must make good acoustic" argument I was kind of disappointed. In my case I have an ash MIA Strat that is probably the best electric I'll ever own (holds tune, nice tone, et.c) but when I went looking for a Fender acoustic in the sub-$300 market (which many EG players seem to favor) I found them to be lackluster - and I'm not even talking about the slimline Stratacoustic and Telecoustics.


Consider looking into a Takamine, Alavrez, Washburn or Carvin 12 string and try and compare them somehow with the Agile.

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Maybe shoot guitacapo a PM. He's recommended Rondo-bought acoustics in these parts before.



thank you ellen, i'll do that:thu:


well thats it then, guess i'll hike back over to EG:wave:


btw, very nice folks around these parts. i'll have to visit again.

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