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Anybody have a Garrison?


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I have owned a Garrison G-50ce for nearly five years.  When, I first purchased it, it needed a truss rod adjustment and was a little bright for my taste acoustically but, the Fishman pickup sounded great in the p.a.   Initially, the neck was slow reacting to the truss rod adjustment.  A little patience paid off. I adjust it twice a year now. 
My G-50ce has the plastic bracing only on the top.  The rest of the guitar has traditional bracing.  I believe there were some issues with the whole “plastic skeleton “ thing, and they opted to use the one piece bracing on on the top. 
I keep a humidifier in it during the dryer, winter months and always keep the humidity level in my home as close to 50% as I can. 
There are two small areas near the heel where the clearcoat finish as peeled slightly.  I have read this is an issue many Garrison owners have faced and the verdict is that the formulation of the clearcoat was not great and leaves the finish susceptible to some peeling. 
My G-50 is my “go to” acoustic, and, I regularly get compliments on the tone from audience members and other players who also love the sound and action.  
This guitar has warmed up quite a bit.  There was no fret wear when I purchased it and, I was told it had lived in it’s case for years before I purchased it. It sounds fantastic now both acoustically and plugged in.  I suspect this model of Garrison will become a collector’s item.  This was the model Alex Leifson of “Rush” played on tour and in the studio in  2007.


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I have 3 Garrison Guitars;

G10-CE, Birch Top (April 22, 2002)

G20, Cedar Top (November 14, 2002)

G30-L, Spruce Top Left hand (January 18, 2002)

The G series used all solid woods, GABS Bracing, and Buzz Feiton Tuning systems.

Can't find a catalog with the G10 in it. Very difficult to find out why they dropped its production after only one year. (2002)

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Garrison guitars

I own a 3 Garrisons. A G-10ce with Birch back and sides and a Flame Birch top, just beautiful. I could not find it in any catalog as a G-10. I however found it as a custom order in a catalog.

The second one is a G-20 which I added a Fishman Sonotone Pickup to.

The third one is, for all intents and purposes, a AGLE-1, BUT it is marked LE-1, with no AG prefix. It also doesn't have the Buzz Feiten tuning system markings on the back of the headstock. It has been said on different sites that 100 AGLE-1's were made for the US market, and 100 made for the Canadian market. Were these guitars labeled different for each market? Was one labeled AGLE-1, for one market, and LE-1 for the other market? OR, was this made in Canada before having them manufactured in Asia, (China?)?

I put this guitar into the hands of a seasoned musician. He played it for about 20 minutes, then stopped in mid play and said, Wow! He could not believe the resonance. Now I am taked with finding him one for sale, as I refuse to sell him the one I own.

Anyone here have anything constructive to say concerning the difference in the labeling of this guitar?

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