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VOM 43 -- Virtual Open Mic @ HCAG, Second Sunday, August 14, 2011

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Wow.! Just has a moment to skim over the thread... it looks like I'm going to have another week full of quality music to make my ears happy... as long as my web connection continues to cooperate.

Thanks to everyone who checked out my submission this month! And, a special thanks to everyone for all the feedback. It's always much appreciated to hear what's gone right and what I can still be improving upon :thu: I apologize if I missed anyone... my Interwebs are still hit-and-miss right now

- Nice piece. Ok, that's three songs in a row using the word "nice". Sorry. As an instrumental, I really liked this. Very cool sound with that tuning. And your lead melody fit perfectly.

No apology needed. With so many great tunes gracing these VOMs, I've quite often found myself thinking the exact same thing. I'm just glad to hear that my tune got included in the "Nice" bin :)

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I think of open G as a blues key, very nice to be reminded that there are more things than dreamt of in my philosophy

Thanks Mike. Yes, open G often used for slide, but what this is close to is slack key. Very much used in traditional Hawaiian style playing. Altho, my background in this tuning is John Fahey.
Thanks to all who took time to listen to my entry, I really appreciate the comments. There is an amazing amount of talent here and I am humbled by it!

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I don't often comment on the VOM's but I always listen, even if I don't post much. I've gone through everybody's stuff since yesterday and I just wanted to say I enjoyed ALL of it. Won't try to point out too many specifics, but I liked every thing I heard. Some good pickers on this board. I do feel compelled to single out a couple of those that moved me the most. MM you are a very excellent song writer. FBH, I love me some Jazzman. It was cool. Stack-slide on bro! You was on it! Kuj- YOU are the Man! Freakin' great!!!!! Thanks for the free entertainment everybody!:thu:


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the last half of an original of mine anyway... also my first time on stage... Where I'm From (The North Central Kansas Anthem)


1st verse


come on take a ride with me

i got somethin' ya' need ta' see

where I135 becomes U.S. 81

now head north a few more miles

everybody waves and smiles

it's a friendly little place

that i call home, where it's


1st chorus


midget cars at the county fair

a bonfire and a lawn chair

and drinkin' beer all night

'til the mornin' comes

cottonwoods and tailgates

weekends at lovewell lake

kickin' back all day

in the summer sun

yeah, North Central Kansas that's where i'm from


2nd verse


golden fields and red sunsets

are two things you won't forget

or how just after a storm

the sky turns blue

or chillin' out at Carver's pond

fishin' 'til the daylight's gone

with the radio tuned to KR92, where it's



2nd chorus


swimmin' in an ol' sand pit

or walkin' 'cross the U.P bridge

watchin' that ol' Republican River run

muddy roads and barbed wire fence

hangin' out with your best friends

slingin' rooster tails

in an ol' half ton, yeah

North Central Kansas

that's where i'm from




now if you ain't been there

you won't understand

that it's everything

that makes me who i am

and it don't matter where i go

or where i been

'cause every road i take

leads me right back here again

where it's


3rd chorus


hazel eyes in the pale moon light

nothin' ever felt so right

just me and her that night

out at Camel's hump

where i was born

it's where i'll die

where i learned to laugh and cry

where i figured out

she was the one, yeah

North Central Kansas that's where i'm from, yeah

North Central Kansas

that's my home


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Well thansk for all the nice comments everyone. It was realy cool to be able to post something on the VOM this month with Mike. I didn't even know he played the harp. It couldn't have worked out better. He was here on vacation and an adhoc colab was born! Just too cool!


Everyone' stuff was just great, and here are some comments I jotted down!


Hypcollector - Very soulful tune, from a unique prospective! Nice job! I just love originals.


TBRyson - Very nice tune. Covering someones song is a nice form of flattery! Good job.


Fussenkuh - Now that is just a cool instrumental! Has a old Led Zeppelin feel, when they were in their far east phase. ou can almost hear R. Plant crooning in the background!


Garthman - Your song was moved....looks like I missed it. :( Oh there it is...Very nice! Glad it returned. Such a deeply moving melody.


Rhancox - Awesome tune, well covered. Sounds great on the Alvarez.


Michael Martin - I love the culture this song oozes. And I really dig the change up from strumming to picking after the first verse. Nice job!


Stackabones - Can you say Mojo? I thought you could! :) Totally groovy Chris.


Starrshine - Very Charming! It kinda just floats you along like a slow moving river. Very Nice!


G6120 - Great little tune Gil. Nice backup sing too. Really adds depth.


Mike E McGee - That song title aint gonna win you no kudos with the laddies...but then I'm guessing that isn't what you were after! :) Very cool tune.


Fastblueheeler - NIce little ditty. Got me wondering which gitfiddle you used on this one. Sounds great.


Extollo - That is just some fine playin! Yup, I say just some fine fine playin!


Surrealistic - That is a darling little song. There is magic there!!!!


Kujozilla - knee slapping, and head bobbin goodness there. Nicely done.


TSMusic - A good name for that one...It sings of the blues.


Sangemon - So so well done. That moving base line just grabs your heart! I just loved it!


Oldschool Texas - Too too cool! Such a great rendition! Outstanding.


Orbm1 - Nice stuff there. ANd how cool to be playing with your dad! That is stuff you just cant buy! Great job! Both of you!


Diceman1000 - Great song! Very well written and performed!

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