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VOM 43 -- Virtual Open Mic @ HCAG, Second Sunday, August 14, 2011

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Hypcollector: Love the lyrics! How true!

Tbry: Love Taj! Nice job!

Fussenkuh: Real Celtic feel. That Masterbilt sounds really good, man.

Garthman: Your song wasn't there...

rhancox: Never much of a Tull fan, but very nicely played. What guitar is that? It sounds real nice.

chriscarnucci: Great classic Dylan tune. Love your harp work!

Michael Martin: Nice homage to Rome. What a beautiful city. That guitar sounds pretty good to me, maybe just a bit out of tune, but then..nylon...

Stackabones: On the funky side! Great interpretation. Loved it!

Starrshine: Nice tune! Guitar sounds really thin. Did you have some kind of high pass filter on perhaps?

Gil: Lovely song. Great recording! Is that a new mic setup?

Mikey Mcgee: Great job! Love that resonator!

fastblueheeler: Nice job!

extollo: Beautiful! Man you can play that thing. I have a 730s. Never sounded that good. A little heavy on the verb, but that's just me...

surrealistic: Beautiful tune, wonderfully played, and man you have a great voice! NYC is my home town. Don't be a hater ;)

kujozilla: Now that's some Olde-Tymey right there! Great!!

TSMusic: A little different, I like it!

Hope there's more later. I love listening to the VOM, and I am honored to be in your company.

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I'll have to save the rest until later - dinner to cook here :)

So far I've listened to:

hypcollector - Gutter World - Nice Dylanesque vibe here

tbryson - Cakewalk into Town - Cool fingerpicking, oh and nice whistling :)

FussenKuh - An Irishman's Tale - Love the guitar sound and some nice bluesy/folky playing here.

garthman - As I Roved Out - file isn't there :(

rhancox - Wond'ring Aloud - Lovely guitar work and you have an Anderson-ish quality to your voice so it suits this very well.

chriscarnucci - Knocking on Heaven's Door - Nice first entry to the VOM

Michael Martin - Castel Sant'Angelo - Inspires me to write a song about Rome. Visited last year and loved it

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surrealistic: Beautiful tune, wonderfully played, and man you have a great voice! NYC is my home town. Don't be a hater

Thanks Sangemon, and no I don't hate NYC; I love the place. Just on that particular cold winter's day I wanted to be home with my sweetheart :)

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I think you'll find that was written by W.Axl Rose. Please do your research next time. D: I was just going to ask if you overdubbed the harp as I read your comments. You sound great together!

You're both wrong. Everybody knows that tune was written by Avril LaVigne.

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Have listened to much of page one.


hypcollector: Interesting departure for you. Usually your songs are more experimental or idiosyncratic--here we have something with shades of early Dylan folkiness but with a truly nihilistic twist! A song from the dark side.


tbry: Good ol' Taj Mahal. Nice rollicky FS and well-sung. I admire your strong whistling sound--Whenever I try this, my whistle deserts me!


Fuss: Was really looking fwd to hearing your original. Very potent! Deep-throated and raspy guitar sound that suits the piece beautifully. Video segues at the solo in/out really cool. A killer instrumental. I have always loved your playing.


Garthman: Makes me both happy and sad to hear you do this. Our mutual friend played it for me recently. I feel like I repeat myself when I comment on your sound, but there is that uniquely spacious flavoring you bring to everything. It always feels like music from an old cherished memory, like what would play in a movie when you find a book of long-lost photos. Your songs always stay with me awhile after they are over.


ChrisC: I love this song--everybody's heard it a million times but it never gets old. It's one of the few covers I sometimes play with duo partners or the band. I really like the color of the harmonica in your duo version here. Very good arrangement/collab.


Starrshine: Beautiful instrumental! Light and bright. In fact, my synesthesic sense tells me this is music of a meadow in spring in the slanting afternoon sun rather than a dance in the dark under the full moon! But how appropriate, given that there was a full moon last night.


Stack: I thought from the vid image that this was you 20 yrs ago...! Fab slide work and delivered with your usual massive dose of unaffected cool. Love the coarse earthy bassiness of your guitar--kind of reminiscent of the throaty power of Fuss's Epi in his instrumental this month.


g6120: Really great guitar sound--whatever you're recording with, it's very effective. Very good recording overall actually. I appreciate the inspiration story...I'm "losing" my older daughter tomorrow to college. But hey this doesn't seem to be "raw" at all, especially with the vocal harmonies layered in. (If you really want "raw", drink some grappa!) ;)


Mike McGee: A headless horseman! Beautiful shiny guit, beautifully played. Earthy song but a delicate touch. Kind of Stack-ianesque in its sensibility.


FastBlueHeeler: What a sweet little song--had not heard it although once was very into Tom Rush. I admire your FS method/sound, makes me wish I had more of a repertoire of patterns. Well done man.


Extolo: Wow that was gorgeous. Very nuanced! Beautiful little piece, and I love the recorded guitar sound--just the right touch of 'verb I'd say.

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I'll listen to the others later. Here's mine, just completed and (for once) totally abiding by the "live one take" ethos with no processing whatsoever (except converting to MP3), as you can probably tell by the odd bum note in there. It's one of my own but it's usually a full band song with electric guitars etc. Thought I'd try it pared down to a single acoustic and vocal. It's called Coming Home and it's about being in New York City but wanting to be home in England. Hope you enjoy


Damn you're a scary-good performer. I love the way you play, and such strong vocals. This a very fine song you have written, as well! You're one of those guys shows up at open mike for the first time and all us regulars say {censored} man who IS this fine-playin' guy and where th' hella he come from? PS I love NY. Was there last Feb and blessed with sunny warmness. Even sunbathed on the High-line. Sort of.

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Cool, Tony. Whatever you write/play, I always love the full-bodied drone-tone you get outta that guit. Usually it's more airy and nature-y all escapist hall-of-the-mountain-kingy-movie-music--but here it's much more visceral and an ice-cold punch in the gut. Powerful stuff man.

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This is "Rainbows And Ridges", written by Blaze Foley.

Recorded in one take with a Zoom H4N on my custom OM-35 (Avatar pic)


Man I do love a 3/4 song. Especially one played FS. Something so poignant and delicate about them. 4/4 is about thrusting sex; 3/4 is about caressing love. Cool song. Punch up the vocals--too tentative as is. Just belt it out. From the diaphragm!

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Moonflower - Santana


One take, requested by the audience, have not played this in years...


I am playing my Gibson LPC, through a GT10 and a Power Engine 60.


My dad is playing his Le Patrie Acoustic guitar...


Hope you like it!





Omar :thu:

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Some really great stuff this month. My hat's off to everyone.


hypcollector - oh so true. Nicely done.


tbryson - love the blues. Loved this song. Nice job


FussenKuh - Nice piece. Ok, that's three songs in a row using the word "nice". Sorry. As an instrumental, I really liked this. Very cool sound with that tuning. And your lead melody fit perfectly.


garthman - You really now how to bring these old songs to life. You play them so well, and as I've said before, you voice suits them to a tee. Well done, Howard.


chriscarnucci - oooo. Was that really Dylan? Chris, your voice sure does come close. Kudos to your future son-in-law's harp playing. Nice touch.


Michael Martin - Gotta be one of my favorites as well, Michael. I really got hooked on the opening verse but then you changed it up. I was waiting for the song to come back to the style from the beginning, but it never did. So what was up with the opening? Just curious, from a songwriting perspective. Truly loved the song. Bravisimo!


Stackabones - I saw this last night on U2'b. Very cool rendition. I heard your other slide songs too. I think you're gettin' it back. Amazing that you can sing and play it at the same time. To me, that's like rubbing your belly and patting your head. It's not as easy as you think. You da bluesman!


Starrshine - A beautiful song, Bob. The open G tuning gives it a happy tone, right from the start. It did seem like there was one part, that came up a few times in the song, that you couldn't quite get cleanly. Still, I loved the way this one sounds. I agree with Gil, the harmonics at the very end was a the perfect way to top it off.


g6120 - beautiful lyrics, Gil. But I wonder if they couldn't have been set against "happier" music. A very artistic piece, don't get me wrong, but I got a more up feeling from the lyrics than the music provided.


Mike_E_McGee - I loved that! The timing of the lyrics is so odd and yet you pulled it off like it was nothing. Excellent.


fastblueheeler - Hadn't heard this one before. Your voice suits this song well. Solid playing too.


extollo - Wow. Recorded on an iphone, with a Yamaha FG-730. That was a perfect example of how a masterful player can make anything sound great. Just awesome.


Surrealistic - Hearing this song for the first time here, I can't imagine it being played any other way and sounding better. Love the lyrics too.


kujozilla - Now that was entertaining!


TSMusic - Another fine song from your collection, Tony. The title fits too.


Sangemon - What a cool song. And that guitar. What a sound. The combination of your voice, the guitar and how you played the song made for a beautiful piece of music. Wonderful job, Tom.


Oldskool Texas - Well done, sir. It's been a while since I'd heard this song. I loved your rendition. Nice and mellow.


benzem - Never heard that song before. Love the effect of your "studio". It really worked for this song.


orbm1 - Excellent! Nice chops.

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Was dying of curiosity so had to give
a listen to find out which Tull bit you were doing. Of course! How did I not think of
Wond'ring Aloud?
I've only played it about 6000 times. Except never that well. You really did work out all his little runs that drive me batty. You are both more patient and more skillful than me!

Also very nice job with vocals. I think this is my favorite vocal performance by you ever. You really get that Ian Anderson vibe.

Nice sepia tones on the vid--mood enhancer.

Thank you for the kind words, Michael. Means a lot coming from someone with your talent.

I seems like I played it 6000 times just to get it to this level.

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Well, by my clock it's almost closing time ... but you know what? If it's still Second Sunday where you live, keep posting. Even it's a bit past Second Sunday and Monday Morning is blinking its bright eyes in your face ...


post 'em if you got 'em!



The mic is still on if you need it ...

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Thanks for the compliments guys.


I checked everyone out, and I gotta say it never fails to impress me exactly how much talent is in this forum. It genuinely makes me happy people come here for advice because I know there are some seriously knowledgeable individuals here. I can't wait to hear more next time.

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Michael Martin
- Gotta be one of my favorites as well, Michael. I really got hooked on the opening verse but then you changed it up. I was waiting for the song to come back to the style from the beginning, but it never did. So what was up with the opening? Just curious, from a songwriting perspective. Truly loved the song. Bravisimo!

Hey Rhan--thnx very much, glad you like the song. I have to say that the songwriting "structural" decisions are all intuitive. It's just what feels right--kind of like the music and lyrics.


I have done songs with "set-up" intros before (like "Hotel Virginia"), but it's not typical. The way this one came about is that the song was originally a down-strummed rocker. It played in my head for weeks that way, before the lyrics were all there. then, I decided to try it fingerstyle, liked that change of mood, and then what is now the intro lyrics came to me as a walked around one morning (my best lyric ideas come to me while walking, running, or showering). I guess the intro is sort of a vestige of the song's original identity as a rocker...also, what is said in the intro is more reflective on my whole summer as I looked back, while the guts of the song is about things that happened in Rome.


I hope to do a recording with the band where we go back to this song as a rocker. Already have tried it with my mando player that way and it really works.


PS I like the idea of returning to the intro's mood/pace at the end, but I think this wouldn't work for a 3-4 minute song. It works fantastic for longer/more complex pieces of music such as Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody", or with overtures that have lots of transitions and segues.

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