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VOM 44 -- Virtual Open Mic @ HCAG, Second Sunday, September 11, 2011

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You played your Hellcat in CHURCH?!?!?!?! Sounds like a recipe for damnation to me!


From experience I can tell you that practicing the Dark Side in church is heavily frowned up in some congregations. I once got a weird look once when I mentioned that I'd brought my Bad Monkey! Of course, they've seen my kids in action too... :o

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Tbry: Sweet! Kudos for coming up with original material. Nice intro and the change at 1:30 is just beautiful and works great. Singing is spot on and the guitar playing just fits the song perfectly. :thu:

Deep end Powerful sound and even more powerful message. Thank you so much. This is why we write songs and deliver them with our guitar and soul. Respect.

Stack Good feel and groove and made me feel good and tap my foot. Nice lead! :thu:

Mike_E_McGee Nice spirit! fun to watch. thanks!

Michael. Nice song. Beautiful story and played on a guitar that connects it all. :thu:

g6120 Video couldn't play. :( am I the only one?

fastblueheeler Interesting how the title and the chord changes relate to "Riders on the storm" from the doors. Coincidence? Well played and good voice!

fussenkuh Beautiful song. Your friend's a good singer and nice comping on your part.

Blutunes What a voice! Strong performance and guitar and keys are so tastefully put together. Terrific arrangement.

Tsmusic Hey, you could have been a flamanco player with that kind of passion. :) I enjoyed that.

Jkater Gee, dude! You could use a comb and tie your shoes before going to a gig! :poke:

hypcollector somehow, I pictured you with horn rimmed glasses! :thu:

happy-man Very well done. Great bass voice and light chorus on guitar works nice. Thanks for your kind comment on my submission. Much appreciated.

Starrshine I don't think a voice can get deeper than that. :eek::thu: Good stuff!

Garth Sweet song and playing. So many good singers on this board. I'm jealous.

Frets There is something about listening to a familiar voice from a person who we highly appreciate and value that reaches just a little deeper. As I listened to your song, I felt you really did reach me and it was a joy to receive it. Thanks, man.

Ellen Hi! Nice improvisation on the twelve string. You got some chops! :thu: Thanks for your kind words.
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Jkater Your solo gig was real nice...you have talent! Your a real musician...Thankyou for the listen on my song and noticing the change...trying to get better at having good sepration in song sections.

MM...Another good one...you have style....I want to go to Rome...take me next time!

Deepend...very appropriate...thankyou for that.

Blutunes....nicely done. I like those lyrics. The lead section was a nice touch.
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tbryson: Nice job. Reminiscent of any number of other songs but I like your take. Well written, sung, and played. What else could I ask?

Stackabones: Another nice one. I gotta find an excuse to cover this one. ;)

Mike_E_McGee: The original version (which incidentally is "You'se A Viper") is a bit faster tempo but you did good. Well played and sung.

Michael Martin: Liked it very much. Your songs are always intriguing and this one was no exception. Rome was clearly a major source of inspiration. BTW, don't feel bad, I can't dance either. ;)

g6120: Well done. Very different from the original version (then again acoustic versions usually are) but good job. It has your stamp on it.

FussenKuh: Great job. :thu: The collaboration worked very well.

BLUtunes: Quite good. :thu: Well played, well written, good vocals. Sounded very professional. Should sound even better with a mandolin track.

TSMusic: Nice job. Has a Latin flair, at least to my ear. Since Abaddon is a killing, tormenting angel (another version of Satan?) in the book of Revelation, I'm not sure how that fits(?)

Jkater: Excellent as usual. Well done. :thu:

hypcollector: Very nice job. :thu: It has an old fashioned vibe to it. Another very professional sounding entry.

happy-man: Not bad. Actually you sound kinda like I suspect I'd sound. Earlier this Summer I covered a Casting Crowns song in church and I had to transpose it down 5 semitones. :eek:

garthman: Nice job. BTW, I read lyrics and chords as I play too, even when I'm doing an original, LOL.

Frets99: Nice job. Love that song. I'm afraid I'm not as familiar with Fender's produc line as I should be. When you mentioned a "Fender Hellcat" I thought you were going to start shredding on an electric, LOL. Just don't tell anyone at church what it's called. ;)

EllenGtrGrl: Pretty good, all things considered. Definitely looking forward to hearing more as you have a chance to polish it.

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...very appropriate...thankyou for that. . . .

You're very welcome. As I mentioned in another thread, I sang an edited version of that Sunday morning in church (the full version runs 4+ minutes and I had to sing during the offering--let's just say our church isn't that big ;)). One of our members is a retired Captain from a local Fire Dept. and I wish he'd been there.

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