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aria 12 string acoustic

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If this is the model, around $50-75, in excellent condition, less if in rougher condition.




These date to the early 70s and are of laminate construction, including the top. Most had the bolt-on-from-the-back necks and screw-adjustable bridges, which drops the value.

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One with the same model number 6714 was sold on eBay years back and it says it was made in 1967.



Got one, for my 15th b'day, in '71 (my 1st 12-string), but Aria may have started offering them earlier.


Sadly, the store had two for the same price ($99)...that Aria (brand new) and a Guild F112 (used)...my parents decided that the Aria was better, because it was new. :facepalm:


My buddy, Scott, got the Guild and still has it, and, one neck reset and two fretjobs later, it sounds excellent...my Aria, otoh, was beyond repair in about 4 years, due to the face caving in and the plywood de-laminating. :(

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Here's a really nice Aria 6 string.




That'd be something of a "Lawsuit" model...MUCH nicer quality than most of Aria's offerings...in the latter 70s - mid 80s there was Aria's "Pro II" line, which were also pretty nice.

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