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Post Photos Of Your Gear Here !


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I've got an Art & Lutherie Wild Cherry cedar top acoustic as well as an Epi Dot. I bought my A&L as my second acoustic (going up from some $50 starter one that was so horrid I rarely touched!), and couldn't possibly be happier. For the price, it's everything I could ask for and more! The satin finish on the neck is great! The entire guitar just has a nice 'natural' feel to it.

The A&L shot is the only 'head on' picture I've got of it, and it was taken right after I got it. I apologize for the Epiphone pic being so small!



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Here's a Putfile album of some pics I took when I received my Larrivee OM-03R in April 2006:


Prior to that the only acoustic I owned for the longest time was a Takamine F-360, which is essentially an all-laminate clone of a Martin D-21 or D-28. This guitar was made in Japan back in Sept. 1973 and I'm its 3rd owner. I've owned it since 1992, nearly junked it in 2003 but had it repaired and put a JLD Bridge Doctor in it.

Below it in the following picture is my 1998 Fender American Standard series Natural Ash Stratocaster, which was a wedding gift from my wife.


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80's Carvin LB70 bass, cheap Sonica acoustic, 70's Epi BARD 12-string, 70's Harmony Strat copy (refin'd/modded), Agile AS820 w/ Seth Lovers, 99' Epi Custom Flametop LP w/ SD 59' & Jazz PU's (Jimmy Page mod in the electronics)


83' Ibanez RS335 Roadstar II


78' Cortez J-200


Squier Vintage Modified ThinlineTelecaster w/ "Muy Grande" bridge PU (soon to have a TV Jones Filtertron in the neck and a new pickguard.


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Old Guitar/New Guitar

Old guitar at the top, a Hohner George Gruhn F1. I bought it 11 years ago and was in my mates shop in Stirling picking it up when I heard about the shootings just up the road in Dunblane that morning. Not a guitar I would ever consider selling.

The bottom one is the cut away model I recently bought on ebay from a very nice man in Texas. I've been after another Gruhn for a few years and got this very cheap given the exchange rate.

They're both set up the same with undersaddle piezo pickups and I use an external Fishman preamp, a couple of Graphic pedals, BOSS Tuner and a BOSS Chorus, always straight into the PA. I also use a Bouzouki, but I don't have a photo at the moment.

They play like guitars 3 times the price. I have 6 weeks off work cool.gifstarting on Friday and can't wait to give the new one a good thrashing.biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

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Quote Originally Posted by Queequeg

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Nice, outdoorgb! Larrivees are great guitars, and I love the OMs.

Welcome to the HCAG forum! "Be Prepared". I like it!


Thanks for the welcome. I am really enjoying the new edition to our home. I shopped for a short week and a half. I was sceptical about the OM size but every time I went back to the shop it just fit me. I liked the L series but the OM felt great. Still does after only 2 weeks.

Life is great...there is plenty of time for adding the L series.

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