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A visit to a Vietnamese Guitar factory

Etienne Rambert

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Hi everyone,


I'm new here ( Harmony Central) and I've been following this thread for the last 6 months, I'm from Australia and I'm here now in Vietnam on my honeymoon and yes I've taken the risk of getting a custom guitar made from Binh in Saigon. It's a based on the Martin 0M-45, AAAA grade sitka spruce top, indian rosewood back and sides with maple binding, mahogany neck and ebony fretboard, bridge, headstock plate and bridge pins. Its finish is satin body and gloss neck with custom mother of pearl inlays and headstock logo. Trim is all mother of pearl and loosely based on the om-45 marquis trim.


I ordered my guitar through Binh after reading Etienne's original posts and after much deliberation, and extensive research and after considering all the risks with humidity levels and all the potential issues with bringing in an instrument through the airlines. I decided to get one and worse case scenario if the guitar did become unplayable, it'll be a keepsake from my honeymoon, I have plenty of guitars back home :)


The communication between Binh and I have been via email, and Binh has been excellent in terms of prompt responses and answering all my questions. He quoted $500 US for my specific guitar and after some changes went up to $700 US or roughly $650 AUD.


He did not even ask for a deposit! and proceeded to send me high res pics of the progress of my guitar which I really appreciated.


A week ago my new wife and I arrived in Saigon and on the second day we went to see my finished guitar at his shop. The guitar was absolutely gorgeous...and the pics he had sent had not done it any justice whatsoever, he followed my specs level 95% (there was a trim level i asked for which he did not do for some reason)


Was the guitar perfect? no it wasn't, there were minor blemishes on the finish and a few very minor scratches on the binding and some slight heavy glue traces on the nut/headstock. However, it IS a handmade product, made in conditions less than convincing but personally I actually like the imperfections..please consider that i am an extremely pedantic and will examine a guitar with magnifying glass if allowed and despite the "imperfections" i am absolutely in love with this guitar.


After admiring the instrument I proceeded to play it and to my surprise...the tone, the sound, the clarity, the projection, the playability completely blew me away..and mind you I am a finger picker and had to fight against the Saigon traffic noise levels and still it came through very well.


I couldn't put it down...and for me that is the best indication that I was playing something very special, I own a Martin, a Taylor, a Seagull, a Cole Clarke and this guitar was very very comparable to them.


Now the biggest question remains...how will this guitar fare in dry Australia? In fact how will it fare after drastic climate drops from Binh's shop to air conditioned Hotels...and climate rises at Airports...Airplanes...back to hotels etc...


Only time will tell, I am very nervous because unfortunately I have already fallen in love with my guitar however I am under no disillusions either...I am prepared for the worse and can only hope that it will be repairable should anything occur to it either via humidity problems or standard travel issues.


I noticed a few Australians on this forum so I will keep everybody informed on the condition of my guitar and hopefully help someone make a more informed decision.

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On 4/19/2009 at 8:43 AM, Etienne Rambert said:

Owners, brothers Binh & Minh. They've been building guitars 40 years.




Mr Minh is putting a board in a machine. I don't know what it does.



How can one contact Binh & Minh? Do they have email?

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