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Seagull Serial Numbers


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I just bought a Seagull M6 Cedar at a pawn shop today. I've always wanted one and I'm very happy. I went to the Seagull website to see if I could contact them about finding out what year model it is using the serial number, however the only contact method they have is via snail mail to a Canadian address, so I was wondering if anyone here has any resources on finding model years from the serial numbers. Any help would be appreciated.


I'll start another thread on what is the best pickup to buy for it.



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I found this info on the lasidotalk.com forum:


"For those of you wondering how our serial numbers work, here's a brief explanation:

Starting in '93 we introduced the following system:


First two digits: year - fiscal year beginning August 1st of the year before


next two digits: week of the fiscal year


fifth digit: day of the week


last three digits: rank of instrument made that week


Example: 98113231 would translate as Wednesday, second week of October '97, 231st instrument made.


02361055 would be Monday, first week of April 2002, 55th instrument made."


It's kindof lame to post a question and then the answer, but thanks for your help anyway. This is a cool forum.

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Break out the candles and roses and date your guitar :) Congrats, by the way.




I believe that older Seagulls used a different numbering system that doesn't really tell you much.


Edit: oops, didn't see that this was an old thread. stjude100, sorry the site probably won't help in your case since the serial is from before they implemented the new system.

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Here's a good article on Godin/LaSiDo guitars. According to that, Seagulls were first produced in 1982, 26 years ago. So if you have a 25-year-old Seagull, it's one of the earliest made.


I was recently considering a certain used Simon & Patrick and sent several emails to info@godinguitars.com. Each time, Michel responded to my questions within a day or two, sometimes late at night. He's very responsive. I don't have a direct email address, but he seems to answer everything sent to "info".


BTW, note that the name LaSiDo no longer appears anywhere on the LaSiDo web site.


Bill, I recently read a suggestion that "Norman" was somehow a spin on the name "Martin". In fact, Norman is the first name of Robert Godin's original partner. They had a falling out and Norman Boucher passed away 11 years ago. Boucher guitars are still made by Norman's son and nephew. Except for the fact that Norman appears to be a popular brand in Europe, I'm also surprised that they still use that name. Oddly, the Norman web site is not as complete and thorough as the A&L, S&P and Seagull sites. It appears that Godin doesn't give Norman as much respect as their other brands, so you may be onto something about eventually discontinuing that line.


The Norman models seem to fit between the Art & Lutherie and Simon & Patrick (Robert Godin's sons' names) lines but there's not a lot that distinguishes them from either of the others.

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Normans are not very available in Germany. Too bad. I had a B-30 that dated probably from 1976 or '77, and it was a great guitar. I am not sure when Godin took over, but the B20-12 I bought in 1986 didn't seem as good, and the B-20C that I bought in 1998 again didn't seem to be the same build quality as the 70's B-30.


I saw some in London last year, but they were ridiculously overpriced (as are many things there).





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