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Impulse Purchase: Epi Les Paul Standard+


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So this evening I'm in the music store with my son and he needs some staff paper and I need a tuning winder with one of those cutters built-in. Then we go over to the guitars and it calls to me: cherry sunburst flame maple top and all.


I'm not really big on les pauls, I'm really a strat player (reissue 57). But both my son and I were blown away by the appearance of this axe.


So I pay for our stuff and we go next door to the chinese restaurant to meet my wife for dinner. When my wife joins us we tell her she needs to go next door and see this guitar. She says buy it and bring it back here to show her!!!! Of course I ignore this, but my son starts in saying get it get it get it. I tell him he's the devil, but he doesn't quit. My wife repeats herself: go buy it and show it to me.



So before the egg rolls arive, I went next door and bought it! Now I'm a les paul guy.

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