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You don't have to buy any of them .. unless you are determined to sound like everyone else and never have a single fresh sound.


Some of the libraries out there cost thousands, and i'm not saying they are a waste of money - some are worth it. I've spent a fair amount on samples, but there comes a point when you realise that you can make your own samples, and have something unique ...


Or maybe learn to play a new instrument ...


Or create some synth patches from scratch ...


Or make your own shaker or percussion from trash ...


Or pay a session musician ...

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Erm- Yeah? And what about VST instruments?


Don't get me wrong - I lurv VST instruments. But your question is phrased a bit dumb. You don't have to buy ALL the sample libraries. And how are we expected to know what kind of music you want to make? Some genres of music shouldn't use sampled instruments at all ...


Nuendo is great, but bloody expensive. You can make music with legit freeware if you want.


How lazy are you and/or how much money do you want to spend?


What is your platform?

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You can make music with just a sequencer and a couple of virtual intruments.


For example reason is both of them, and could make music just with it if you dont need to track audio. Then you could have for example:


cubase + reaktor


cubase + kontakt


cubase + sampletank




cubase + kompakt


And any of these combination will put you running with a basic setup, but to be honest, you can do marvels just with one of those combinations. Regards.



And there are plenty of very good cheap (in the price not in the sound) sample libraries for reason.

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