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An end to computer Choosing Frustration

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Originally posted by scapier

Or you could buy a Mac.

I haven't read this whole thread so I apologize if I am belatedly prolonging a Mac vs. PC rant.

But the thing about Macs that's nice is you don't have to worry so much about what to buy, where to buy it, what to put in it. There's a certain serenity about one stop shopping and limited options.

You get one.

A couple years later, you get another one.

Then another one.

It's just easy to buy. And then you can worry about other stuff, like what's for dinner.

My .02.


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PcAudioLabs AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ price=$490.00

newegg.com AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ price= $362.00

prices on newegg.com change constantly... new things come out, prices go down... most things from newegg are wholesale prices... besides, pcAudioLabs probably paid that much for the proc when they bought it in the first place...

the simple fact remains, if you want the cheapest deal on your computer, build it yourself.


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I have my custom made PC with Prescott and 2 GB RAM for 2 years now - works good enough to make my demos done (Mbox - PT 6.7 LE, digidesign plugins, third party plugins).


Care is required for picking up quiet components. Avoid very high end video cards due to the noise. My Prescott needed custom cooling system to keep it cool enough and quiet at the same time.Memory management: 1 fast HD where the recording goes and 2 with higher capacity. Add some usb ports - never enough.


Any computer shop would assemble for nominal cost. Don't save on RAM and motherboard :D


And my PC kicks my neighbor Mac ass!!! ( still would prefer Macs - if budget allows, but it is rather political)

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If you don't like the way a vendor prices his wares you have the ULTIMATE POWER.


Just don't BUY from them.




Works like a charm.






But if you're actually interested in WHY some companies have to charge more just to stay in business, it has a LOT to do with economy of scale and service. I think NewEgg seems like a pretty good outfit. But just try asking them for audio advice. Or just try getting the same motherboard at the same price your buddy got a month ago; you might. But chances are if it was a good deal, they blew them out of stock.


Anyhow, things are not NEARLY as simple as a lot of folks on the outside think...

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Originally posted by ZKAUdio
your preference for intel is not a good one in this case, the dual core intels have been outbenchmarked left and right by amd... despite their higher transistor count. that said, whichever you go with, I'd stay away from dual processor setups if you aren't computer saavy. The dual core chips will suit you just fine. Make sure, however, that you don't pay extra for "hyperthreading" as most audio apps don't like it. From my understanding, the dual core is especially effecting with DAW's due to the need for processing power from the plugins and host at the same time... this way each gets its own cache to draw from.

While there is nothing wrong with AMD you need to stay current on your reading as AMD's have not been keeping up with Intel procs for over 3 months now and probably won't catch them them for another 6 months at best. Intel is on it's 65 nm die now compared to the 90 nm AMD and when AMD's 65 nm hits the market here soon Intel will be printing 45 nm. We are also in the quad core, not dual, world now with 8 cores on the near horizon. Even with all the speed, CPU power is still not that big a deal though. Buss transfer and hard drive speed is the key to high resolution and high track counts.

And for our New Egg proponents they are good but even they aren't the cheapest and I don't buy from them too often.

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Originally posted by ZKAUdio


And for our New Egg proponents they are good but even they aren't the cheapest and I don't buy from them too often.

Where do you suggest? I'm not all that up on computers anymore, but I'm going to start putting a new system together starting today as I've received my tax return. I've always gone to Pricewatch.com to find what I want. It seems to find small companies that sell certain things cheaper than New Egg, although New egg is frequently a good price.

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Some people know more about what components they want and can tweak there own windows settings for music production maybe they just wan't someone to assemble it and get a couple years of labor warrenty.and or tech-support.

Juggalo Luv Woo Wooot

How could someone know exactly which components they want (out of the many many avaliable) and have no idea how to assemble them? I'm not trying to be rude (cause I'm new here and don't want to wear out my welcome) but it sounds like you might be better off paying someone to make those decisions for you.

Not that I haven't enjoyed wasting time at work reading this entire thread :thu:

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You can pick up a Computer Shopper from Borders and find the latest crop of low price wholesalers. Different vendors will have better prices on different items so you need to shop around a bit, otherwise Newegg is not a bad place for an overall buy. Try some of these to see if they have what you want.


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