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Anyone have the KORG D3200. I want one but i want to hear what others think first!!

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Hi all,


I am in a band that is currently in the studio in the St. Louis area. I am in love witht the recording process and i love how everything comes together.




i want to start building my own studio.


Is the Korg d3200 for me?



Have any of you used it and is it all what its cracked up to be?


What is your setup if you have it?






Gunner from standpointe




http://www.myspace.com/standpointe (band website)



(personal website)




Gibson Les paul Custom with EMG 81's

Gibson Les paul Studio with EMG 81 and 85


2 Mesa Boogie Single Rectifiers

1 Voodoo Modified Marshall JCM 800 2204


535Q Crybaby wah

Digitech Whammy

MXR 10 band EQ

Boss TU-2


Dunlop picks .73mm

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I have a Korg d3200 and M Audio Bx5a's...nice little setup if you liek the standalone recorders. I don't need all the fancy stuff as it is jsut for my band so if you are looking to record only you and friends, it is definatly the best unit on the markey it has the features that all of the others lack. Check out the Roland that is in the price range too, I chose the Korg becasue of its simplicity and recording capabilites...the small screen isnt bad to deal with either.

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