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Anyone Know anything about Memphis Guitars?


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They were made in Korea by Samick back in the mid '70s to early '80s. They were arguably a short step above Hondo guitars. Some are okay and some aren't. I have an erzatz Memphis LP copy with the then fashionable brass hardware and overwound pickups. The only problem is the neck could use a shim, but the bolt on neck was attached and then they added another layer of "wood". You can actually see the imprint of the plate and screws in the back of what initially appears to be a set neck guitar. This makes detaching the neck virtually impossible (and relegates it to being a slide guitar). If the Mustang copy plays well and the price is right then buy it, but don't expect too much. Fender Mustangs aren't all that great as is (and I've been a proud owner of one since 1979). I could only imagine what you'd get with a Memphis copy.

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