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M-Audio Studio Pro 3 Monitors ?

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As a disclaimer, I'm M-Audio's International Tech Support Manager....



I have them turned on right now.


They are 3". Its sound is good.


I use them for MIDI sequencing monitoring and I get a very nice image of what I'm doing. I also use them as a second reference for my mixes.


However I would not track or mix on them. I have bigger speakers + subwoofer for that. Why? I need some more AIR for my low-end content -but that's me!-


I have a second pair which I take with me in the road since they are small and light enough.



A funny tale: Last Friday night I had a customer here. He was saying me "how great my monitors sound" while pointing to my 5-inches models.


- No, those are the small ones, I replied.


Of course, when I turned the 5" on + subwoofer, the difference was huge but it was a good compliment for the little ones.



For the money, I guess they are a good choice.

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