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The hottest tones....

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Miles' tone on Bitches Brew. One particular summer I was visiting my friends cabin in northern michigan. He has alot of land with plenty of motorcycle trails. Well one moonlit night we put Bitches Brew on as loud as possible, and starting walkin the trails in the middle of the night. I will never forget the magical haunting in those woods that evening.

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PS McCartney did the lead to Taxman???

Yes he did.
1964 Epiphone Casino into a Vox IIRC. Not sure what mic Geoff Emerick used, but my guess would be a U47 or maybe a KM56.

Classic tone! :phil:


I believe it was into a Selmer Zodiac Twin 30, or something to that effect, and I'm a good 90% sure it was a U47. I'll have to go check the book (Kehew and Ryan) to be 100% sure, but I remember that it was a Selmer and not a Vox, which was a suprise to me...and thus why I remembered...



Hottest tones ever committed to tape? Sarah McLachlan. "Posession" off Fumbling Towards Ecstacy, "Sweet Surrender" and "Building a Mystery" on Surfacing...she makes my ears sweat...the intimacy captured in her vocal takes is nothing short of amazing. To me it sounds as though she leans on Neumanns...but past that I'm not sure I can find any other information...all I know is that when I listen to her, it feels like she's singing to me and to me alone...whispering in my ear...and I pretty much fall in love with her every time I listen to her...


...why are my pants fitting tighter all of a sudden?:confused:

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