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Gibson "New Century" Les Paul

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Saw this in a Zzounds catalog.




So basically you're getting a flat top Les Paul Special Humbucker (which goes for around $650 at the moment) with a $250 pickguard and truss rod cover. Doesn't seem like such a good idea.


And doesn't it seem like the pickguard contour is a lot like the Agile horn shape? :D I'm just sayin...

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Oh look!! Like in the 70's, Gibson is cranking out absolute garbage that they know people will buy because of the Gibson name.


I can't help but believe that a lot of this shit is made with the idea of it becoming "instantly" collectible. Are you seriously telling me that the company that has made (unchanged) one of the most successful guitars in history really, truly believes that this a a product that everyone is going to buy?


Nah, they know that they might sell about 2000 pieces and then phase it out. Thus creating another "Gibson Rarity" for the people who bought them.


Not that Gibson benefits directly from the collectible and vintage market. But, we'd be kidding ourselves to think that they could care less and are uneffected by what goes on...

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