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the annual 26 or 24 bit question?

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You know the story, wearing too many hats to know anything effectively... :)

My machine will record 16 or 24bit 44.1 or 48k. I need 32 tracks, but if I go 24 bit I get less tracks. I will go 16bit 48k I guess.


Do I have this right: 16 VS 24 bit is only about DYNAMICS, more headroom, more steps of volume difference, right?


I seriously doubt the compressed pop crap I record will EVER need 24bit dynamics. It's not soft chamber music anyway. Am I right?

Audio-wise, I was not able to HEAR any difference when test recording the two different bit rates.

Thanks for enlightening me.

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There is no downside to going 24bit. You will capture a greater headroom.


There is NO reason to go 48k unless you have equipment that requires it (SBLives that are 48k fixed internal, ADATs or video gear - video is 16bit/48k to synch with NTSC video). Plus you'll have to worry about conversions back down to 44.1


Lock it down on 24/44.1 and forgetaboutit.

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I can't do 24bit or I loose amount of tracks. Hardware DAW.

48k gives me higher POTENTIAL frequency on recording. Why would I not want to do that?

On second thought, you are right conversion back to 44.1 for the master is extra pointlessness, since 44.1 get me 22k resonse anyway and most people can't hear above 18


I found some more threads on 16vs24 with a deeper search. Thanks!

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