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Firepod vs. Firestudio Project - what's the major diference?

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I'm looking at getting one of these two because I like how clean the pres are. The deal is, I could get the FirePOD for around $100 less than the FireSTUDIO.


I don't really see much of a difference other than JETPll and that other abbreviated feature. Is the Firepod good for recording semi-professionally? I'm working on a new CD.



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The FirePod is an older model. The FireStudio replaced the FirePod. I've never used either and I don't know the technical differences, but I would assume the FireStudio is somehow improved over the FirePod in preamps and converters.


Mainly the FirePod has lightpipe i/o and FireStudio doesn't.


Depends which model. The FireStudio Project doesn't have Lightpipe (ADAT), but the regular FireStudio does.

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The main differences are these:


The Firestudio Project has improved analog to digital converters, better metering as well as an internal power supply. It also features a digital mixing application that allows you to create custom headphone mixes for different musicians and route those out of the analog inputs. You can do up to four stereo mixes. You can also daisy chain up to four Projects together for a 32 channel system.


The FP10 has the same inputs and outputs, however only does one mono mix for monitoring. It has a max of three that you can daisy chain for 24 inputs.


Here's a chart that shows all of the specs and differences:




Hope this helps.


Kind Regards,

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