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Repairing an active monitor (KRK VXT)

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Hi all, thought this was the right place to try and find an answer.


So the snap-in electrolytic capacitors in one of my KRK VXT4 monitors

are dead.


The problem is, they're supposed to be 12,000uF 35v 105C caps with a 25mm radius!

It was no surprise that this strange size (it's usually 35mm) is unavailable in the

extremely small market such as the country I live in, but it seems to be in rather short

supply on the internet as well. It's either out of stock or must be bought in bulk



Any advice? Now, I'm an electronic noob, or possibly worse than noob,

I'm just looking for parts that the repair shop specified. I'd appreciate a well stocked

online shop recommendation, or other advice - are there substitutes?

Could I go for a 10,000uF cap? Is the 105C temperature rating THAT important?

Could I go for a 85C cap?


Please help! Thanks in advance :wave:

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Without knowing the details of the circuit, I can't really say if that temperature spec is "important" or not. I doubt it's getting up in the 105C range, but I'm not going to approve that substitution and then be responsible for your place burning down. As far as substituting the 10,000uF in the place of a 12,000uf cap, I wouldn't recommend it either.


The diameter of the cap is only important in terms of making it physically fit into the spot reserved for it on the board. If you wanted to use some short, insulated extender wires, you could possibly mount the part "above" the board, or on the underside of it... but since you are, by your own admission, an electronic noob (or worse than noob), I would strongly suggest getting assistance - either from a more experienced friend, or from a qualified repair facility.

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Thanks a bunch Phil,


well the VXT4 is really, I mean REALLY tight inside. It's quite well designed. The only way a larger

cap would fit is by way of extender 'legs'; slightly to the side of the board. But this opens another

question, albeit a silly one - the firmness/stability of the cap's attachment to the board.

I think you could verify this - it's supposed to be a potential tone issue, am I right?

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