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Welcome to the new digs everyone

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Hi everyone. Yes, it's a bit different, but hey, it seems to actually function, and things don't take forever to post... that alone makes this a big improvement IMO.

If you can read this, then you've found the Studio trenches in its new location under the general forums category. This is still a forum about recording, but it's a bit broader than that, as others have pointed out to me, since recording is only part of what a studio has to deal with. Anyway, this is where they've moved us, so let's see how it feels. I can probably arrange to have it moved back if it doesn't feel right.

Look around, get the feel for it, and let me know if you have any questions or issues. I'm getting the hang of it all right alongside you, so we'll work through this together. Please have patience if you try to contact me or have a request - I'm bound to be extra busy as we launch. Custom titles are going to be waaaay down on the priority list - in fact, they're curtailed for the time being, so please don't ask. Once the site is stable and things calm down a bit, we'll see about getting those going for everyone again, but while it seems to be possible to do, it's a manual process and I'm going to be tied up with other stuff for a bit - the new forum launch, as well as NAMM next week, etc.

If you do have a problem, please do let me know! Stuff like login issues, problems resetting your passwords, etc. Any funky site performance issues that you notice (we're hoping there won't be any...), please let me know.

The report this post is in the lower left of each post. The options menu in the upper right is where you can edit your posts, subscribe to the RSS feed, bookmark it, etc. etc. etc.

Thanks for you patience - we know this isn't going to be perfect right out of the gate, but we're going to continue working on getting everything refined and working out the bugs until it feels as comfortable to everyone as an old pair of jeans. :)





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I see no login box on the main forum page,

I sent a Contact us BUG message and suddenly the sign in button appears???

I got the spiel about password reset and got the email but can't see the signin unless I send a BUG report.

I can;t find SETTINGS to set my password back - where is that???

FYI - from where I sit this site is even slower than before

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A couple things:


Where do I update my signature? I can't find it.


Is there a way to quote more than one post at a time using the quote buttons?


Is the post editor broken in chrome for anyone else? I've had issues with the cursor not always showing up in the correct spot (i.e. it'll say I'm in one spot, but when I type, it's actually somewhere else).

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