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this thing looks pretty cool

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Yeah, that does look interesting. It looks like it is designed to be connected to the direct outputs on a mixing board... or as a 16 channel USB 2 / Firewire interface. Too bad the outputs are on RCA jacks instead of 1/4". I wonder why they went with that? The metering looks kind of sparse too.

Still, there's not a ton of audio interfaces with 16 line inputs out there, and the on-board recorder would be very cool for recording gigs, rehearsals, etc.

Have you had a chance to hear it / try one out?


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i have not. Yea, RCA but their thought process was most people would be uploading the track data to a DAW. Minimal metering but I think that this is aimed at the analog mixer board crowd..which already have extensive metering. It does say that it won't do 24/48 to a thumb drive but I wonder if there are faster thruput removable drives. i guess with the cost of external drives being so low, a $60 drive could hold a lot of data, and you'd not be keeping it on there. 


this is another in the same line


half the cost at $500, no separate outputs. but, it has input pads and some minimal mixing to a stereo pair.  I wonder how the A/D is...

I though of getting something like this. For how many shows i mix, I could offer an easy live recording solution without having to bring an interface, laptop, or digi mixer with same stuffs. one fantail 1/4" snake and one of these boxes, patched right into the Dir preamp outs. 

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