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These racks look pretty sweet...

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I could say it, but the link was non porn.

The prices aren't too bad, but I'd still make my own if I was going for wood. You'd think the plastic cases would be cheaper, but man, they have climbed in cost. I guess the sell for what people are willing to pay.

For a studio Wood is OK because they pretty much sit on a console or the floor. I bought a professional old school plywood rack case at a pawn shop years ago for $100. Its one of those carpet covered ones that has 15 spaces. I have it loaded with all my PA power amps, effects eq's etc. I can't lift the thing by myself. Must weigh 400lbs. If I gig I have to tilt and slide it up onto the tailgate of the truck and even then I bust a gut. Plastic would be a lot lighter.

I have a couple of 4 space units for the studio I built out of pine. They are fairly light but it still depends on the weight of the rack units. They weigh about as much as a cinder block does. That's not too bad if you have to rearrange a studio, but still pretty heavy for gigging. I've learned long ago, if you want to gig well, you don't want to burn yourself out moving heavy gear. Besides I've already had back surgery to fix bad discs. Wearing a guitar is bad enough on the spine.

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