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Speaking of API, they released a new console at AES...

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...called "The Box." Pretty clever name IMO.


API The Box



  • Two (2) input channels with mic/instrument/line preamp, HP filter, & integral 550A EQ
  • Two (2) input channels with mic/instrument/line preamp, HP filter, & 500 slot
  • Two (2) compressors assignable to input channels or program bus with stereo link
  • Sixteen (16) summing channels (20 channels during mix)
  • Stereo program bus with master fader, insert, and external input
  • One (1) stereo and (2) mono auxiliary sends/buses
  • Stereo cue send/bus & headphone system
  • PFL, AFL, and solo-in-place solo modes with stereo solo bus
  • Full-featured monitor section that supports two stereo monitor systems
  • Talkback system
  • Comprehensive rear panel connections with balanced inputs and outputs
  • Integrated power supply



It's $17,995 MSRP (considerably less than the $52k for a 1608) and is shipping now.




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It looks drool worthy. The only thing I wonder about is inputs. Extra line inputs would be nice. Everyone's got all thier pres collected. It'd be nice to be able to plug into this to allow you to route your exteranl pres where they need to go easily. Right along with the 4 API internals.


But wow... yes please.


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Good points Lee. I suspect that for some users (personal studio owners) four mic inputs might be sufficient, but you're probably right that most of the people who would be interested in a board like that probably already have a half way decent assortment of outboard mic preamps and gear... maybe even an API 500 series Lunchbox; it would be cool to have ways to integrate them with the board.

If you just need a few mic input channels and up to 20 channels of summing when you mix, it looks like it would be a very sweet desk.


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