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Questions regarding turning room into studio

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Hi, I have an unused storage room in my basement that is 20.5' x 13' in size, and I wonder if this would be adequate to turn into a studio and practice space to hold amps and a drumkit, and still leave space for playing, and also a control room.

One this that is essential is making the room soundproof. It currently is below-ground level, so that's good, and two of the 4 walls are directly against dirt. There currently is no carpeting, and one of the other 2 walls has another storage room on the other side, and the remaining one is parallel to a staircase hallway that leads to the ground-level floor. The ceiling has no special insulation.

I am uncertain of whether it would be better to make an isolation booth to put amps into, or whether the bulk room should hold the amps and an isolation booth should be made to use for a control room.

I don't know what I should expect to run as an expense to create proper sound-proofing, but both the control room and the band room would need to be sound insulated from neighbouring rooms, as there could be a renter in the rooms directly on the other side of the staircase hallway. Advise regarding practical cost to properly insulate the room, with the work done by myself, would be appreciated.

Materials recommended, and any directional instructions and experienced advice to doing this competently, would be most appreciated. Suggestions on best layout and use of space would be also appreciated. If this size of room will be cramped or inadequate to create a proper recording space with insulated control room, it will be good to know.

Thanks for all advice.

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