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Connections to/from MIxer/Console

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Hi -

Have a mixer/console that has mic & line inputs that are hard to reach in the back.  I want to be able to plug in without constantly going behind the board.  I have a couple of questions:

1. I have an Alesis X2, 24 channel mixer.  Can I keep XLR cables for the mics, and TRS 1/4" inch jacks for direct inputs plugged in to the board simultaneously, or will one cancel the other out ?  I cannot find the answer in the manual.

2. Can I use a patchbay for the XLR mic cables ?  In particular, I have some external mic preamps with phantom power, I would plug XLR's from the preamp into the patchbay.  I would, of course, turn off the phantom power from the preamp before plugging in a cable or mic. ?

Thank you for your help !

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Patchbays are fantastic things... and I'd definitely recommend putting anything you need to patch frequently on a bay instead of going around to the back of your gear and doing it there. However, with XLR patching, you may have a hard time finding suitable patch bays - they're out there, but you may have to hunt for one. What I would caution against is using TRS or TT patchbays for your mic / XLR patching since they can short momentarily as you're inserting the plug, and if you have phantom power applied, and are connecting an older ribbon mic, you risk blowing the ribbon.

As far as your Alesis X2, if I recall correctly, there's a mic/line switch on each channel for selecting the input source. I'd be extremely surprised if you had any issues connecting both to it simultaneously and switching between them as needed.


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