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nat whilk II

music buying stats

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In addition to my general confusion in the face of life, one thing I wonder is this: What are the demographics of the music-buying population?


For instance, I'd like to see, if possible, the music-buying population broken down by age group, and then report what percentage of music purchases come from each group.


I'd also like to see, if possible, for each age group, what genres or top 10 or 15 artists they are buying.


Another stat of interest would be to take an artists like, say, Dave Matthews, and see the demographics of the people that buy his albums: age, gender, average income, ethnic background (if this is not forbidden knowledge!), etc.


And another one: I'd love to see a chart that shows, for each year from 1965-2000, how many albums account for 75% of the total album revenue for the industry in each year.


How about market share each year per the various major genres?


And to throw one final stat out - who, for each decade from the 50s through the 90s, is the composite-overall average music paying consumer as to age, gender, income, ethnicity, education, etc.


Is there some book or publication or website that specializes in stats like these (or similar)????


If I could just make SENSE of the world......


nat whilk ii

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