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Is the whammy bar supposed to be loose?


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Loose as in, it spins around really easily? It doesn't fall off, just if I am playing, and I let go off the bar, it will drop down.

It depends. A Floyd Rose has an adjustable tensioner that can keep the Floyd in position if you tighten it. A Fender trem can be loose, unless you tighten it.


A note of caution: you can strip the threads on the trem bar if you try to over-tighten a Fender vintage-style trem bar. The best thing to use is a little bit of plumbers (teflon) tape around the threads of the trem bar. If you are getting major resistance - STOP TURNING THE BAR! You can also snap it off right in the block if you're not careful.


Avoid using the trem springs on a Fender vintage-style if you can, as well. Teflon tape is the way to go!

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